Pradeep Kumar Walia - Personal Interests

January 30, 2017
While what someone does for a living says a lot about them, it is also important to look at what they do with their free time. Pradeep Kumar Walia has started to work on creating films. When he first came to the United States, he discovered the art of historical films and immediately felt drawn to them. The fact that they were both entertaining while also being educational was hugely attractive to him. The messages within the films were inspiring to Pradeep Kumar Walia and eventually he made the decision to start working on creating his own films as well. He primarily is interested in patriotic movies and Pradeep Walia Kumar is currently creating a script in the patriotic historical genre.

Pradeep Walia’s Philanthropic Vision

July 24, 2016
While it is true that the story of Pradeep Walia’s life is the type of rags-to-riches story that is much like the movies he may like to make someday, there is a lot more to him that going from arriving in the United States with $20 in his pocket to running a $20 million company, Atlas Software, in the space of a few years.

Pradeep Walia is a true survivor. He has experienced many ups and downs in his life, but he has always focused on helping the less fortunate. Even when he couldn’t afford to give people money, he volunteered his time. At times, he has assisted Mother Teresa with one of her orphanages. At other times he has provided blankets to the poor.

In the last few years, most of his philanthropy has one through his personal foundation, which has launched several NGOs in India that are designed to help the poor use capitalism to lift themselves out of poverty. He is also working hard to bring high quality health care to underserved areas of India, Africa and even the United States. Put simply, he hasn't given up entirely on his entrepreneurial spirit, but now his money-making efforts are now are focused on helping people live better lives.